About the Academy

The Australian Academy of the Humanities advances knowledge of, and the pursuit of excellence in, the humanities in Australia for the benefit of the nation.

Established by Royal Charter in 1969, the Academy is constituted by a body of more than 500 elected Fellows who are leaders and experts in the broad disciplinary groups which share a common and central concern with human behaviour and culture including: Archaeology; Asian Studies; Classical Studies; Cultural and Communication Studies; English; European Languages and Cultures; History; Linguistics; Philosophy and the History of Ideas; Religion; and The Arts.

The Academy embraces new and emerging fields in the humanities. It also promotes the crucial role of the humanities in interdisciplinary collaboration, for the key challenges and opportunities facing Australia in the twenty-first century are not merely technical or economic in nature, but are deeply embedded in our society and culture.

The Academy acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land and recognises the significance of research that furthers the understanding of their cultures, past and present.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the Academy fulfils several key roles including:
  • a Fellowship of scholars who serve their disciplines and the nation by promoting the contribution of the humanities for the public good;
  • a learned society which promotes the diverse range of disciplines which constitute the humanities;
  • an advocacy and advisory organisation which provides authoritative and independent advice to governments, industry, the media and the public on matters concerning the humanities;
  • a grant making body which supports excellent scholarship in the humanities; and
  • a national focal point to promote the value of the humanities and to support and sustain the next generation of humanities researchers and teachers.
The Australian Academy of the Humanities is one of the four Learned Academies in Australia.

The stained glass roundel adaption of the Academy's Coat of Arms and Crest by B.E.E. Barber, London, was commissioned by the late Honorary Fellow, Kenneth Myer FAHA.


Further Information

For more information about the Academy please contact the Secretariat.
Address: 3 Liversidge Street
Acton, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (+612) 6125 9860
Fax: (+612) 6125 9142