National Scholarly Communications Forum Archive

September 2011 | Melbourne
In association with the Australian Academy of the Humanities and The University of Melbourne.

The 22nd Roundtable discussed the future for the academic book in Australia.

Programme [.pdf 71kb]


The Future of the Scholarly Monograph – One Perspective [.pdf 2.7mb]
Colin Steele

The Scholarly Monograph in the Digital Era: New E-Monograph Possibilities [.pdf 2.4mb]
James Fox

The Academic Perspective [.pdf 116kb]
Ian Donaldson

The Academic Perspective On Line or Off Line: Where is the Future for Academics? [.pdf 204kb]
Joy Damousi
Book to What future? The Scholarly Monograph in the Digital Era: A Library Perspective [.pdf 588kb]
Cathrine Harboe-Ree

Book to What Future: The CSIRO Publishing Perspective [.pdf 3mb]
Paul Reekie

The Future of the Academic Monograph [.pdf 9.8mb]
Frances Pinter

What's the Value of a Scholarly Monograph? [.pdf 366kb]
Damien Williams

Through a Glass Darkly – Attempting to Second Guess the ARC Attitude to the Value of the Book [.pdf 1.1mb]
John Lamp

New Digital Frameworks and the Scholarly Monograph [.pdf 4.5mb]
Ross Coleman

Four Alternative Futures [.pdf 150kb]
Oliver Freeman

Why Share? Copyright in New Times [.pdf 1mb]
Derek Whitehead

The Scholarly Monograph and the Extra Institutional Digital Archive [.pdf 514kb]
Emmett Stinson

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