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July 2007 | Canberra
In association with the (then) Department of Education, Science and Training.

The 20th Roundtable overviewed initiatives to improve access to Australian publicly funded research and thereby maximise the economic and social returns on public investment.

Programme [.pdf 85kb]


Australia's Research Quality Framework and Research Accessibility [.pdf 789kb]
Evan Arthur

Public Support for Science and Innovation - Final Report [.pdf 274kb]
Monika Binder

The Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project: Legal Framework for e-Research Project [.pdf 882kb]
Professor Brian Fitzgerald

Finding Gold in Europe: JISC, Research Councils and CERN [.pdf 130kb]
Frederick Friend

Research Communication in Australia: Emerging Opportunities and Benefits [.pdf 2.1mb]
John Houghton

Open Data for Global Science [.pdf 268kb]
Paul F. Uhlir

Our Cultural Commonwealth: The Report of the American Council of Learned Societies Commission on Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences [.pdf 2.7mb]
John M. Unsworth

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