NSCF 24 – Unlocking the Future: Scholarly Communication and Publishing in a Global Research Environment

The 24th National Scholarly Communications Forum was held on 7 September 2015 at The Australian National University, Canberra. The forum discussed the future of scholarly communication and publishing in the digital era and its impact on scholarly and institutional behaviour. It examined the issues arising from the increasing global expectations of open access to information and the frameworks of traditional practices of publishing.

NSCF 24 Programme [pdf 242kb]   |   Visit the NSCF archive

NSCF 24 Presentations

Overview of global scholarly communication issues [pdf 503kb]
Colin Steele FAHA: Emeritus Fellow, The Australian National University

The impact of metrics on scholarly research and publishing [pdf 1.2mb]
Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell: Deputy Director of Research & Research Training; Professor of History, The University of Queensland

Policy drivers in Australian higher education research [pdf 425kb]
Dr Tim Cahill: Consultant, Research Strategies Australia

It’s not what you publish, it’s where you publish... [pdf 236kb]
Professor Kim Langfield-Smith: Vice-Provost (Academic Performance); Professor of Management Accounting, Monash University

Publishing futures – the scholarly journal [pdf 565kb]
Sarah Blatchford: Convenor, Scholarly & Journals Committee, Australian Publishers Association; Regional Director, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Australasia; Board of Directors, CHASS

Publishing futures – the monograph [pdf 836kb]
Roxanne Missingham: University Librarian, The Australian National University; Chair, Library Publishing Advisory Committee, Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Australian Research Council: open access [pdf 209kb]
Justin Withers: Director, Policy & Integrity, Australian Research Council

What reward for academic collegiality? Scholarly journal editors panel [pdf 390kb]
Associate Professor Frank Bongiorno: School of History, The Australian National University

Peer review: what works, what doesn’t and challenges for the future [pdf 1.1mb]
Dr Megan Head: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment, The Australian National University

Edit and perish [pdf 23kb]
Emeritus Professor Ross Williams AM: Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research, The University of Melbourne; Managing Editor, Australian Economic Review

Disrupting disincentives: some thoughts on scholarship, academic integrity and reward [pdf 631kb]
Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane: Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology

Practice research: re-appraising dissemination [some UK examples] [pdf 1.3mb]
Professor Paul Gough: Pro Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President, RMIT University

#Borderfarce, building, and a hacker’s reward [links directly to Dr Sherratt's blog 'discontents']
Dr Tim Sherratt: Associate Professor of Digital Heritage, University of Canberra

National Scholarly Communications Forum

The National Scholarly Communications Forum (NSCF) is a body sponsored by Australia's four Learned Academies, with a membership from a wide range of organisations representing academics, independent researchers, writers, librarians, publishers, and specialists in copyright and in digital technologies. The Forum exchanges information about scholarly communication and research practices in Australia.

The aim of the Forum is to disseminate information changes to the context and structures of scholarly communication in Australia, and to make recommendations on what a broad spectrum of participants see as the best developmental policies. To this end, it organises a series of events and conferences where relevant issues are debated, future strategies are proposed and outcomes are recorded through a variety of forms of publications.

Past Events

The NSCF, founded in 1994, had its origins as a forum held in 1993. Changes in Scholarly Communication Patterns – Australia and the Electronic Library, edited by John Mulvaney and Colin Steele, was published by the Academy in 1993. Please visit the NSCF Archive on this website to access programmes and papers from previous forums.

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