Inspiration of Place: The Artistic Life of Cities

13-14 November 2008, Sydney Opera House

Convened by Professor Jaynie Anderson FAHA, Professor Roger Covell FAHA and Professor Michael Ewans FAHA

How do city sites, urban architecture and changing social dynamics affect the creation of works of visual art, music and theatre? What defines the artistic expressions of cities in periods of economic prosperity or depression? Why and how have special circumstances of artistic life in particular cities worked outstandingly well? The 2008 Australian Academy of the Humanities Symposium provided an opportunity to assess the use of comparative techniques by scholars who work across many fields and in different periods of history.

The Symposium considered various subjects, such as the interaction of elite cultures and popular cultures, critiques of urbanism, counter-culture rejections of the city and the continuing impact of the diaspora of artists on new forms of multicultural expression.

Speakers included John Bell (Director of The Bell Shakespeare Company), John Griffiths FAHA, Roger Covell FAHA, Felicity D. Scott (Columbia University), David Tunley FAHA, Peter Porter FAHA, Geremie R. Barmé FAHA, Paul McGillick (Indesign Magazine) and Jaynie Anderson FAHA.

A programme is available [.pdf 208KB]

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