About Fellowship

The Fellowship of the Academy comprises 591 distinguished individuals elected by their peers in recognition of the excellence and impact of their scholarship in fields including archaeology, art, Asian and European studies, classical and modern literature, cultural and communication studies, languages and linguistics, philosophy, musicology, history and religion.

There are three categories of Fellow: Fellows, Corresponding Fellows and Honorary Fellows. The approved abbreviation for all Fellows is FAHA.

Electoral Process

Fellows are elected to the Academy through a rigorous peer nomination process. Fellows of the Academy may nominate candidates for election each year, and after a lengthy referral and assessment process, the eleven disciplinary sections vote by secret ballot on the proposed candidates. Council then meets to consider the list of candidates to be included on the final ballot, and voting is undertaken by the Fellowship at the Annual General Meeting each November. Successful candidates must be resident in Australia at the time of their election.

Candidates for Honorary and Corresponding Fellowship are proposed directly by Council and are elected by the Fellowship at the Annual General Meeting. Residency in Australia at the time of election is not a requirement for Honorary or Corresponding Fellows.



Further Information

For more information about the Fellowship of the Academy please contact the Secretariat.

Address: 3 Liversidge Street
Acton, Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (+612) 6125 9860
Fax: (+612) 6125 9142