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Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald FAHA
James Cook University
Qualifications: MA (Moscow), PhD (Academy of Sciences of USSR)
Year Elected to the Academy: 1999
Discipline: Linguistics, European Languages & Cultures

Alexandra Aikhenvald worked in the North Africa and Middle East section of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, and was then Professor of Linguistics at the Universidade Federal de Santa Caterina in Brazil before coming to Australia in 1994. She has worked on descriptive and historical aspects of Berber languages and has published, in Russian, grammars of Modern Hebrew (1990) and A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (in press). She is a major authority on languages of the Arawak family, from northern Amazonia, and has written grammars of Bare (1995, based on work with the last speaker who has since died), Warekena (1998) and Tariana (forthcoming), in addition to essays on various typological and areal features of South American languages. Her monograph, Classifiers: A Typology of Noun-Classification Devices, was published by Oxford University Press in early 2000.
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