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Dr. Alexander Adelaar FAHA
University of Melbourne
Qualifications: BA (Leiden), MA (Leiden), PhD (Leiden)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2007
Discipline: Linguistics, Asian Studies
Expertise: Austronesian historical linguistics: phonological, lexical and grammatical reconstruction. The linguistic structure and historical development of Indonesian/Malay. Teaching of Indonesian.

Sander Adelaar is Associate Professor and Reader in Indonesian in the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne. His MA in Indonesian languages and cultures and his PhD in Austronesian linguistics are both from Leiden University. He was a research fellow (1989-1992) at the Research School of Pacific and Asian studies (ANU) and a Humboldt Fellow (1993) at Goethe University (Frankfurt) before coming to the University of Melbourne in 1994. His research includes comparative and descriptive linguistics with emphasis on varieties of Malay and the languages of Borneo (where he has conducted extensive field research), and those of Madagascar and Taiwan. His publications include Proto Malayic: the reconstruction of its phonology and parts of its lexicon and morphology (Canberra, 1992), Salako or Badameà: Sketch grammar, texts and lexicon of a Kanayatn dialect in West Borneo (Wiesbaden, 2005), and The Austronesian languages of Asia and Madagascar (co-edited; London, 2005).
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