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Professor William Christie FAHA
The Australian National University
Qualifications: BA (Hons 1 and University Medal) (Sydney) PhD (Oxford)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2011
Discipline: English
Expertise: Francis Jeffrey and the Edinburgh Review; Wordswoth and Coleridge; Jane Austen

A graduate of the universities of Sydney and Oxford, in 2015 Will Christie was appointed Director of the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University. Previously he held a personal chair in English Literature at the University of Sydney.  He is founding President of the Romantic Studies Association of Australasia ( and his scholarly work in Romantic studies has been widely published and his Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Literary Life (2006) awarded the NSW Premier’s Biennial Prize for Literary Scholarship in 2008. Editor of The Letters of Francis Jeffrey to Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle (2008) and author of The Edinburgh Review in the Literary Culture of Romantic Britain: Mammoth and Megalonyx (2009), he is currently researching a critical biography of the Scottish critic, politician, and judge, Francis Jeffrey, and a major study of the early nineteenth-century Edinburgh Review with the aid of Discovery grants from the Australian Research Council.
For many years president of the Dylan Thomas Society of Australia and an active member of a number of literary societies outside the university, Will Christie is also the author of Under Mulga Wood (2004), an award-winning play for voices that has enjoyed performances in the Australian capital cities and around country NSW.
Posted in: English
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