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Associate Professor Harry Allen ONZM FSA FAHA
The University of Auckland
Qualifications: BA(Hons)(Sydney), PhD(ANU)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2012
Discipline: Honorary
Expertise: Archaeological excavation and analysis; Cultural Heritage management; Material Culture studies

Harry Allen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Auckland where he has taught archaeology since 1973. His teaching and research ranges from the history and archaeology of northern Australia and New Zealand to heritage conservation. Since 1986 he has collaborated in archaeological investigations in the Pacitan Region of East Java in Indonesia as part of a team led by Professor Mike Morwood FAHA. Associate Professor Allen’s most recent research has focused on William Blandowski, whose major scientific expedition to the Murray River in 1856-57 produced unique collections of zoological specimen and cultural artefacts, as well as descriptions, sketches and photographs of natural history and Aboriginal life.

His publications include Australia: William Blandowski’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia (2010); Bridging the Divide: Indigenous Communities and Archaeology into the 21st Century (2010, co-edited with Caroline Phillips); and Protecting Historic Places in New Zealand: Research in Anthropology and Linguistics (1998).
Posted in: Honorary
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