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Professor Peter Anstey FAHA
The University of Sydney
Qualifications: BA (Hons), PhD (Syd)
Year Elected to the Academy: 2015
Discipline: Philosophy & the History of Ideas
Expertise: The philosophy of John Locke, early modern experimental philosophy, Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon, the French Philosophes

Peter Anstey was educated at The University of Sydney where he is currently ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Philosophy. He was the inaugural Professor of Early Modern Philosophy at the University of Otago, New Zealand from 2006–2012, and a former President of the Australasian Association of Philosophy and former Vice-President (New Zealand) of ANZAMEMS.
Anstey’s research has made a unique and powerful contribution to our understanding of the emergence of modern science in the 17th and 18th centuries. He is a specialist in early modern philosophy, particularly the philosophy of John Locke and Robert Boyle and a leading contributor to the history and philosophy of early modern European science.
The editorial boards on which he serves include Journal of the History of Philosophy, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Early Science and Medicine and Journal of Early Modern Studies. He is currently editing (with L. M. Principe) John Locke: Writings on Natural Philosophy and Medicine, forthcoming in the Clarendon edition of the Works of John Locke. Other major research projects include early modern experimental philosophy and the nature and status of principles in early modern thought.
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