22 Aug 2016

The Australian Academy of the Humanities rejected claims in the media today challenging the integrity of the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the funding of research projects.

“The ARC has a rigorous merit-based process for allocating competitive research funding”, said Professor John Fitzgerald FAHA, President of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

“Independent expert assessment provides the integrity for which the Australian system is internationally renowned.”

“Most Australians would agree that the study of history, archaeology, languages, philosophy and cultural studies help us to navigate our place in the world.”

“Science and technology can’t go it alone. Tackling today’s global challenges requires deep knowledge of people, societies and cultures that underpin, fuel or react to these challenges. There is considerable public benefit in advancing our knowledge on the cultural and social factors involved in obesity, for instance, or in the management of our experience of work.”

“Governments around the world are recognising the need to bring expertise and perspectives from the humanities, arts and social sciences together with those in sciences and technology fields to solve the really complex challenges,” said Professor Fitzgerald. “It’s not a matter of either/or.”

“Without a strong capacity in research across the disciplines, Australia will be unable to meet these challenges, let alone find opportunities to drive future prosperity.”

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