Policy Submissions

A key role of the Academy is to provide independent expert advice to government and policy makers, promoting the social significance of humanities scholarship and its vital importance in shaping effective public policy.

The Academy provides expert advice and responds to a range of consultation papers, reviews and enquiries:


  • Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research [.pdf 96KB]
  • Foreign Policy White Paper [.pdf 160KB]
  • Draft National Research Infrastructure Roadmap [.pdf 184KB]


  • R&D Tax Incentive Review Report [.pdf 176KB]
  • National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper [.pdf 170KB]
  • Driving Innovation, Fairness and Excellence in Australian Higher Education Consultation Paper [.pdf 167KB]
  • Sharper Incentives for Engagement: New Research Block Grant Arrangements for Universities Consultation Paper [.pdf 139KB]
  • Engagement and Impact Assessment Consultation Paper [.pdf 196KB]
  • Inquiry into Innovation and Creativity: Workforce for the New Economy [.pdf 385KB]
  • Inquiry into Australia's Future in Research and Innovation [.pdf 108KB]


  • Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements for Higher Education [.pdf 157KB]
  • Review of Research Training [.pdf 219KB]
  • International Engagement consultation [.pdf 164KB]
  • Vision for a Science Nation Consultation Paper [.pdf 746KB]
  • Tax White Paper [.pdf 533KB]
  • Draft National Strategy for International Education [.pdf 1MB]


  • Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research Consultation Paper [.pdf 272KB]
  • ARC Centres of Excellence Scheme for Funding Commencing in 2017 [.pdf 520KB]
  • Review of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme [.pdf 172KB]
  • Senate Committee Inquiry into Australia's Innovation System [.pdf 172KB]
  • ARC Funding Rules for Discovery Programme schemes and the Future Fellowships scheme [.pdf 209KB]
  • Review of the Australian Curriculum [.pdf 463KB]
  • Draft Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 Submission Guidelines [.pdf 89KB]
  • Australian Heritage Strategy Consultation [.pdf 167KB]


  • Framing the Future: Developing an Arts and Cultural Policy for NSW Discussion Paper [.pdf 162KB]
  • Assessing the Wider Benefits of University-Based Research Discussion Paper [.pdf 112KB]
  • Australian Research Council, Excellence in Research for Australia 2012 Review [.pdf 184KB]
  • Book Industry Collaborative Council (Scholarly Book Publishing Expert Reference Group), Future of Scholarly Book Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences Survey [.pdf 52KB]


  • Australian Research Committee National Research Investment Plan consultation paper [.pdf 252KB]
  • Future Focus: Australia’s Skills and Workforce Development Needs Discussion Paper [.pdf 370KB]
  • Australian Heritage Strategy Consultation Paper [.pdf 207KB]
  • National Research Priorities: 2012 Process to Refresh the Priorities Consultation Paper [.pdf 180KB]


  • Defining Quality for Research Training in Australia Consultation Paper [.pdf 188KB]
  • National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper [.pdf 328KB]
  • Australian Research Council Draft ERA 2012 Documents (Submission Guidelines and Discipline Matrix [.pdf 148KB]
  • 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure Exposure Draft [.pdf 264KB]
  • 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure Discussion Paper [.pdf 340KB]
  • Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Consultation [.pdf 3.2MB]
  • Higher Education Base Funding Review [.pdf 380KB]
  • National Research Infrastructure Council (NRIC) Strategic Framework for Research Infrastructure Investment Discussion Paper [.pdf 211KB]


  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Program Consultation Paper [.pdf 174KB]
  • National eResearch Collaboration and Tools Resources (NeCTAR) Consultation Paper [.pdf 218KB]
  • Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Consultation Paper: Draft History Standards Statement [.pdf 223KB]
  • Department of Industry, Innovation, Science and Research (DIISR) Consultation Paper: Meeting Australia’s Research Workforce Needs [.pdf 330KB]
  • National Research Infrastructure Council (NRIC) Discussion Paper: A Process to Identify and Prioritise Australia’s Landmark Research Infrastructure Needs [.pdf 162KB]
  • House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Innovation Inquiry into Australia’s International Research Collaboration [.pdf 167KB]


  • Treasury’s Consultation Paper: The New Research and Development Tax Incentive [.pdf 68KB]
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Consultation Paper: ARC Peer Review Processes [.pdf 158KB]
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Consultation Paper on ERA Indicators [.pdf 163KB]
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Consultation Paper: ARC Centres of Excellence for funding commencing in 2011 [.pdf 99KB]
  • Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) Discussion Paper on Setting and Monitoring Academic Standards for Australian Higher Education [.pdf 116KB]
  • Submission to National Human Rights Consultation [.pdf 141KB]


  • Higher Education Endowment Fund Draft Programme Guidelines for the 2009 Funding Round [.pdf 484KB]
  • Review of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme [.pdf 96KB]
  • Review of Australian Higher Education [.pdf 344KB]
  • Inquiry of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit: Cultural Institutions Funding [.pdf 144KB]
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Consultation Paper: Excellence in Research for Australia Initiative [.pdf 275KB]
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Consultation Paper: Future Fellowships Scheme [.pdf 455KB]
  • Inquiry into Research Training and Research Workforce Issues [.pdf 328KB]
  • Review of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) Roadmap [.pdf 162KB]
  • Review of the National Innovation System [.pdf 291KB]
  • Australia 2020 Summit [.pdf 253KB]

Further Information

If you have any enquiries about the Academy's policy activities, please contact the Executive Director, Dr Christina Parolin, by email, or on (02) 6125 9860.
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