Edited Collections

Challenging (the) Humanities (2013). Edited by Tony Bennett FAHA.
A collection of essays from the Academy's 43rd Annual Symposium held in 2012. Download a flyer and order form here [.pdf 762kb].
Creating Value Creating Value: The Humanities and Their Publics (2006). Edited by Elspeth Probyn, Adam Shoemaker and Stephen Muecke. Creating Value is a collection of papers from the 2005 Academy Symposium.
Memories, Monuments and Museums Memories, Monuments and Museums: The Past in the Present (2006). Edited by Marilyn Lake and published by Melbourne University Press in association with the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Memories, Monuments and Museums discusses the ways in which we record, preserve and sometimes re-create our histories, and how the power of memory and the past shapes the present and our identity.
Readers, Writers, Publishers Readers, Writers, Publishers: Essays and Poems (2004). Edited by Brian Matthews. Readers, Writers, Publishers: Essay and Poems contains pieces by fourteen leading creative writers, editors, publishers, literary agents and scholars.
Proof and Truth Proof and Truth: The Humanist as Expert (2003). Edited by Iain McCalman and Anne McGrath. A collection of cross disciplinary essays that probe the convergences and incompatibilities between legal and humanistic understanding, and open the way for a more constructive and informed courtroom role for experts of all kinds.
Humane Societies Humane Societies (2001). Edited by Janet McCalman. This volume presents papers from the 30th Academy Symposium, seeking to interrogate the nature of humane societies.
Australia In Between Cultures Australia In Between Cultures (1999). Edited by Bruce Bennett. Collected papers from the 1998 Academy Symposium, its contributors include Stuart Cunningham, Stephen Muecke, Giovanni Carsaniga, David Roberts, Margaret Sankey, Geoffrey Bolton, Richard Bosworth, Conal Condren, Patrick O'Farrell, Barry Blake, Kate Burridge, Francesca Merlan and Lesley Head.
First peoples First Peoples - Second Chance (1999). Edited by Terry Smith. Contributors include Marcia Langton, Henry Reynolds, Paul Patton, Margaret Clunies-Ross, Ian Mclean and Terry Smith. Illustrations by Michael Fitzjames. Poem by Michelle Blanchard.
Cultural Heritage Our Cultural Heritage (1998). Edited by John Bigelow. Our Cultural Heritage presents papers from the 1997 Academy Symposium. Contributors include Tony Coady, Terry Threadgold, Meaghan Morris, Virginia Nightingale, Wayne Hudson and Malcolm Gillies.
Northern Exposures Northern Exposures (1997). Edited by Malcolm Gillies. Northern Exposures presents papers from the 1996 Academy Symposium.
Creative Investigations Creative Investigations: Redefining Research in the Arts and Humanities (1996). Edited by Margaret Mahoney Stoljar. Contributors include David Malouf, Roger Smalley, Shirley McKechnie, Gay McAuley, Michael Greenhalgh, Nerida Newbigin, Wallace Kirsop and Raoul Mortley.
Creative Nation The Humanities and a Creative Nation: Jubilee Essays (1995). Edited by Deryck Schreuder. Contributors include Noel Pearson, Peter Sculthorpe, Deryck Schreuder, Bill Hayden, John Burrows, Barbara Caine, David Christian, Conal Condren, Paul Eggert, Stephen Garton, Joan Kerr, Kate Lilley, Meaghan Morris and Gary Simes.
Masks of Time Masks of Time: Drama and its Contexts (1994). Edited by A.M. Gibbs. Masks of Time includes a number of outstanding contributions by Australian researchers to the understanding of drama in its social, political and intellectual contexts from ancient to modern times. Contributors include Linda Barwick, Tony Gibbs, John Gillies, Jane Goodall, Richard Green, David Holm, John Jory, Harold Love and Stephen Wild.
Languages of Australia The Languages of Australia (1993). Edited by Gerhard Schulz. Contributors include David Blair, Michael Clyne, Peter Cryle, Robert Dixon, Colin Howard, Barry Jones, Leonie Kramer, Anna Pauwels, Peter Pockley, Alan Rix, Gerhard Schulz, Walter Uhlenbruck, Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Anna Wierzbicka.
Beyond Disciplines Beyond the Disciplines: The New Humanities (1992). Edited by K.K. Ruthven. Beyond the Disciplines is a stimulating and informative introduction to the New Humanities. Contributors include Judith A. Allen, Tony Bennett, Paul Carter, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Hilary Charlesworth, Simon During, John Frow, Sneja Gunew, Lesley Johnson, Michael Meehan, Meaghan Morris and Maila Stevens.
Utopias Utopias (1987). Edited by Eugene Kamenka and published by Oxford University Press.
Who owns the past Who Owns the Past (1985). Edited by Isabel McBryde, published by Oxford University Press.
Classical Temper The Classical Temper in Western Europe (1983). Edited by John Hardy and Andrew McCredie, and published by Oxford University Press.
Self and Biography Self and Biography: Essays on the Individual and Society in Asia (1975). Edited by Wang Gungwu and published by Sydney University Press for the Australian Academy of the Humanities.


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The Edited Collections include papers given at annual Academy Symposia. Selected titles are available for purchase.

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