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The Academy's flagship journal, Humanities Australia, showcases the richness and variety of research in the humanities in Australia. The journal is available for download; if you wish to order hard copies of Humanities Australia please contact the Secretariat.

Number 7, 2016: Table of Contents

Download entire issue [pdf 6 mb]

Elizabeth Webby · Editor’s Introduction

David Malouf · Earth Hour

Ian J. McNiven · The Ethnographic Echo: Archaeological Approaches to Writing Longterm Histories of Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs and Ritual Practices

Peta Tait · Dressing for War and Unnatural Poses: Human–Animal Acts at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Mark Finnane · The Prosecution Project: Investigating the Criminal Trial in Australian History

Deirdre Coleman · Insect Itineraries: From Sierra Leone, West Africa to Sydney, New South Wales

Warwick Anderson · Simply a Hypothesis? Race and Ethnicity in the Global South

Michelle de Kretser · Life with Sea Views

Nerida Newbigin & Kathleen Olive · Marco di Bartolomeo Rustici’s Amazing Adventure

David Malouf · Ladybird

Carole Newlands · Becoming a ‘Diva’ in Imperial Rome: Ovid and the Problem of the ‘First Lady’

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Number 6, 2015: Table of Contents

Download entire issue [pdf 8.7mb]

Elizabeth Webby, Editor's Introduction [pdf 516kb]

Lesley Johnson, Generosity and the Institutions of the Humanities [pdf 2.2mb]

Les Murray, When Two Percent Were Students [pdf 181kb]

Peter Cochrane, ‘Diamonds of the Dustheap’: Diaries from the First World War [pdf 1.7mb]

Antonio Sagona, An Archaeology of the Anzac Battlefield [pdf 3.5mb]

Mabel Lee, Ah Xian: Challenging the Spatial Limitations of Sculptural Art [pdf 1.3mb]

Kate Grenville, Hospitality [pdf 685kb]

Simon Winchester, The Atlantic, the United States & the Pacific: How to Structure Books on Big Things [pdf 1.0mb]
This article is an edited transcript of a public lecture given by Simon Winchester as part of the Academy's 45th Annual Symposium, 20 November 2014. You can see a video of that lecture here.

Pam Peters, Transcending their Format: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Atlases [pdf 3.2mb]

Tom Murray, Screen Rites: Getting Close to Death and Dying [pdf 1.6mb]

Graeme Turner, Mapping the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences in Australia: Data for the Future [pdf 777kb]

Les Murray, The Care [pdf 162kb]

Number 5, 2014: Table of Contents

  • Elizabeth Webby, Editor's Introduction
  • Ian Templeman, I Have Taken to Dancing
  • Thom van Dooren, Life at the Edge of Extinction: Spectral Crows, Haunted Landscapes and the Environmental Humanities
  • Anna Haebich, Fever in the Archive
  • Kim Scott, A Whisper in Stone
  • Peter Hiscock, Creators or Destroyers? The Burning Questions of Human Impact in Ancient Aboriginal Australia
  • Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Invisible Politics
  • Glenda Sluga, ‘Add Women and Stir’: Gender and the History of International Politics
  • Andrew Stewart, Individuality and Innovation in Greek Sculpture
  • Philip Mead, Fifty Years of Australian Literary Studies
  • Ian Templeman, Snapshot
Issue 5, 2014 is available. [.pdf 7.2MB]

Number 4, 2013: Table of Contents

  • Elizabeth Webby, Editor's Introduction
  • Kevin Hart, Testament
  • Julianne Schultz, Creating a Place for Culture in Policy
  • Ross Gibson, Breathing   Looking    Thinking    Acting
  • Anne Freadman, Colette: An Eye for Textiles
  • Brian Nelson & Rita Wilson, Perspectives on Translation
  • Margaret Kartomi, Acehnese Sitting Song-Dances and Religious Conversion
  • Alex Miller, The Wine Merchant of Aarhus
  • Barbara Creed, Evolutionary Aesthetics: The Hollywood Musical as Darwinian Mating Game
  • Kevin Hart, Father
  • David Frankel, Recovering Two Ancient Sites in Cyprus
Issue 4, 2013 is available. [.pdf 5.4MB]

Number 3, 2012: Table of Contents

  • Elizabeth Webby, Editor's Introduction
  • Vivian Smith, In the Butterfly House, Vienna
  • Joseph Lo Bianco, Politics, Poetics and Policy: Borders, Bordering and Humanities
  • Kate Burridge, 'Matter out of place': Public Perceptions of and Reactions to Language Use
  • Simon Musgrave, An Introduction to the Australian National Corpus Project
  • Robyn Holmes, Enhancing the Ebook: Patrick White and the Australian Cultural Landscape
  • Han Baltussen, How to Console Yourself and Others: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on Managing Grief
  • Vivian Smith, Éluard in Sydney
  • Thomas Keneally, Murdering Mrs Durance
  • Moira Gatens, Imagination and Freedom: Spinoza's 'Hard Path' and George Eliot's Artful Bridge
Issue 3, 2012 is available. [.pdf 5.2MB]

Number 2, 2011: Table of Contents

  • Elizabeth Webby, Editor's Introduction
  • Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Skins
  • Susan Sheridan, An Uncertain Profession: Australian Women Writers in the Postwar Years
  • Graeme Clarke and Heather Jackson, Can the Mute Stones Speak? Evaluating Cultural and Ethnic Identities from Archaeological Remains: The Case of Hellenistic Jebel Khalid
  • Grace Karskens, Convict Sydney in the Macquarie Era
  • Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Creeping Like Snail
  • Brian Bosworth, Anecdote, Apophthegm and the 'Real' Alexander
  • Anna Wierzbicka, Defining 'the Humanities'
Issue 2, 2011 is available. [.pdf 3.8MB]

Number 1, 2010: Table of Contents

  • Stephen Garton and Elizabeth Webby, Editors' Introduction
  • Graeme Davison, Phoenix Rising: The Academy and the Humanities in 1969
  • Iain McCalman, A Laboratory of Islands: Charles Darwin’s Pacific Project
  • Tom Griffiths, We Have Still Not Lived Long Enough: Black Friday and Black Saturday
  • Antonia Finnane, Barbarian and Chinese: Dress as Difference in Chinese Art
  • Peter Høj, Can We Afford to be Without Multilingualism? A Scientist’s Lay Perspective
  • John Tranter, Albatross
  • Majella Franzmann, Mothers, Virgins and Demons: Reading Beyond the Female Stereotypes in Manichaean Cosmology and Story
  • Kate Crawford, ‘What’s Happening?’ Banality and Intimacy in Mobile and Social Media
  • Michael Kirby, Adaptation and Variation in Appointments to National Courts
Issue 1, 2010 is available. [.pdf 4.9MB]
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