Between humans & machines: exploring the pasts & futures of automation

Join us on 16 and 17 November for our 54th Annual Academy Symposium as we explore the possibilities and hazards of automation, and the complexities of human-machine relations.

Since the late eighteenth century, the changing ‘machinery question’ has continued to spark deep social divisions and to stimulate new fields of imaginative thinking, creative speculation, and social and cultural enquiry (including political economy, cybernetics, STS, AI ethics, critical data studies, and digital ethnography).

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have generated new interests, methods, problems, and capabilities across an array of humanities and creative arts disciplines. These have complicated conventional narratives of technological transformation, enabling a deeper understanding of the possibilities and hazards of automation, and the complexities of human-machine relations.

Our 54th Annual Academy Symposium explored some of the most exciting work underway on these issues across the humanities with related institutions and industry fields, in Australia and elsewhere.

Topics included:

  • Virtual autopsies and automated morgues,
  • The automation of cultural production and cultural taste,
  • Human accountability for the actions of machines,
  • The ‘explanatory imperative’
  • Questions of Indigenous data sovereignty
  • Digital human rights.



16 & 17 November 2023


Kaleide RMIT Union Theatre, Melbourne
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17 November 2023

Join a panel to consider what is gained and what is lost from artificial intelligence and new digital technologies – considering Indigenous data sovereignty and issues of data access and ownership.

16 November 2023

From the study of Greco-Roman antiquity to fiction and virtual autopsies, join a panel to explore how automation is seeping into life and death.


16-17 November 2023

Jill is Scientia Professor and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow at the University of New South Wales.

16 November 2023

Lyndon is an Aboriginal man of Alyawarr descent from the Barkly Tableland region of the Northern Territory and the Principal Research Fellow Digital Inclusion and Engagement in Indigenous Communities with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society RMIT University. 

16 November 2023

Melissa is an internationally recognised research pioneer with deep technical expertise in user experience, sustainability, silicon and platform architecture and workplace transformation.

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