Wayne Hudson

Professor Wayne Hudson

  • Post Nominals: FAHA
  • Fellow Type: Fellow
  • Elected to the Academy: 2022
  • Section(s): Religion


Wayne Hudson is a Humanities Professor with wide interests. His main work is in intellectual history. He is an international authority on the German Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch and on the  English Deists, and is interested in connections between utopianism, unorthodox religious thought and social reform. He has also written the first major monograph on Australian religious thought and  edited volumes on Australian republicanism, citizenship and law. He is now publishing books exemplifying a new approach to both religion and secularism. His Beyond Religion and Secularism is about to appear with Bloomsbury.

Wayne is unusual among Australian scholars in crossing many disciplines and in having both a European background  and long standing Asian interests. He studied German philosophy with Leszek KoÅ‚akowski at Oxford, where he was a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College, and taught at the University of Utrecht for seven years. Before that he studied History and Law at the University of Sydney. He has a specialist interest in teaching global history using innovative methods and has taught global history in China, Korea and Japan. His work in this area won the National Award for Teaching in Arts and Humanities. Wayne is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Studies Institute at the Australian National University and an Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University and at the University of Tasmania. He  has recently written two books of  poetry.


Acknowledgement of Country

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