Publication Subsidy Scheme

The Publication Subsidy Scheme, awarded annually, is one of the Academy’s longest standing awards and was first awarded in 1970.

The Scheme supports Early Career Researchers with costs of up to $3,000 associated with the publication of scholarly works that advance knowledge in the Humanities.


  • Applicants must be Citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia.
  • Applicants must be in the early stages of their careers, which will be determined, inter-alia, by how recently a PhD was conferred. In normal circumstances it should have been conferred no more than five years prior to the closing date for nominations. 
  • Applicants who have received their PhD more than five years ago but who can demonstrate a significant, commensurate period of career interruption (such as maternity or parental leave, carer’s responsibility, illness, unemployment, or non-research employment) may be considered eligible. This includes disruptions caused by COVID-19. A justification for the career interruption must be submitted as part of the proposal.
  • The publication to be subsidised should focus on a topic in the Humanities, defined as those discipline areas for which the Academy is responsible: Archaeology; Asian Studies; Classical Studies; English; European Languages and Cultures; History; Indigenous Studies; Linguistics; Philosophy and the History of Ideas; Religion; Cultural and Communication Studies; and The Arts.
  • Interdisciplinary work is encouraged, provided it includes a substantial proportion of work in the Humanities.
  • Applications will be accepted from independent scholars as well as those working in institutional settings. 
  • Monographs are preferred to edited collections. However, edited collections that demonstrate a clear scholarly achievement or relevance will be considered. 


  • The proposed publications will be assessed on their academic rigour, their likely impact within a specialist academic community, and their potential to advance knowledge of the Humanities within the wider community.

 Ineligible publications include:

  • Second and later editions
  • Festschriften collection of writings published in honour of a scholar
  • Works of a purely commercial nature. The Academy only supports works of a scholarly nature.


Applications for the 2024 round have closed. Enquiries may be directed to

Announcements will be made 26 August 2024.

Previous recipients

Since the 1970s, this subsidy has supported over 300 scholars.

Dr Kylie AndrewsTrailblazing women of Australian public broadcasting, 1945-1975, Anthem Press

Dr Mitchell BrowneGrammatical description of Warlmanpa: a Ngumpin-Yapa language spoken around Tennant Creek (Northern Territory), ANU Press

Dr Honae CuffeThe Genesis of a Policy: Defining and Defending Australia’s National Interest in the Asia-Pacific, 1921-57, ANU Press

Dr Richard EganPower and Dysfunction: The NSW Board for the Protection of Aborigines 1883-1940, ANU Press

Dr Luara Ferracioli – Liberal Self-Determination in a World of Migration, Oxford University Press

Dr Kristie FlanneryFighting Pirates, Forging Empire: Anti-Piracy and Spanish Colonial Rule in the Pacific, University of Pennsylvania Press

Dr Eloise FlorenceTraces of aerial bombing in Berlin: Entangled remembering, Bloomsbury Academic

Dr James MurphyThe Making & Un-Making of East-West Link, Melbourne University Press

Dr Andres RodriguezMeeting the Nation in the Field: Frontier Work and the Making of Modern China, 1919-1945, University of British Columbia Press

Dr Chris UrwinBuilding and Remembering: An Archaeology of Place-Making in Orokolo Bay, Papua New Guinea, University of Hawai’i Press

Dr Gretchen Coombs, RMITThe Lure of the Social: Encounters with Contemporary Artists, Intellect Books

Dr Marnie Feneley – Constructing God: The West Mebon Viṣṇu, National University of Singapore Press

Dr Emma Gleadhill – Taking Travel Home: The Souvenir Material Culture of British Women Tourists, 1770-1830, Manchester University Press

Dr Jarrod Hore – Visions of Nature: How Landscape Photography Made Territoriality in Australasia and California, University of California Press

Dr Stephen Joyce – The Legacy of Gildas: Constructions of Authority in the Early Medieval West, Boydell and Brewer

Dr Sarah Kirby – Exhibitions, Music and the British Empire, Boydell and Brewer

Dr Chari Larsson – Didi-Huberman and the Image, Manchester University Press

Dr Isobelle Barrett Meyering – Children of the Revolution: A New History of Australian Feminism, Melbourne University Publishing

Dr Rachel Orzech – Wagner in Parisian Perspective 1933-44: From Universalism to Collaboration (provisional title), University of Rochester Press

Dr Will Smith – Mountains of Blame: Climate and Culpability in the Philippine Uplands, University of Washington Press

Dr Tyne Daile Sumner – Lyric Eye: The Poetics of Twentieth-Century Surveillance, Routledge  

Dr Esther Theiler – Sitters and Painters in Early Seventeenth-Century Rome: Portraits of the Soul, Brepols Publishers

Professor Bain Attwood, Monash University — Claiming Possession: Sovereignty, Property and the Making of Native Title in a Colonial World, Cambridge University Press

Dr Fiona Crawford, Queensland University of Technology — Never Say Die: The Hundred-Year Overnight Success of Australian Women’s Football, NewSouth Books

Dr Elisa deCourcy, The Australian National University — Empire, Early Photography and Spectacle: The Global Career of Showman Daguerreotypist J.W. Newland, Bloomsbury Academic, UK

Dr Jocelyn Hargrave, Monash University — The Evolution of Editorial Style in Early Modern England, Palgrave Macmillan

Dr Ted Nannicelli, The University of Queensland — Artistic Creation and Ethical Criticism, Oxford University Press

Dr Camilla Norman, The University of Sydney — People of Daunia: Voicing the Statue-stelae, The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (UCLA)

Dr Myfany Turpin, The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney — Women’s Ceremonial Designs from Willowra, Central Australia; Yawulyu-kurlu: Kuruwarri mardukuja-mardukuja-kurlangu Wirliyajarrayi-wardingki-kirlangu, Aboriginal Studies Press / Bruderlin MacLean Publishing Services

Dr Sabine Cotte — Mirka Mora, A Life of Making Art, Thames and Hudson Australia, in partnership with State Library of Victoria.

Dr Kate Fullagar — Faces of Empire: Three Eighteenth-Century Lives, Yale University Press.

Dr Iva Glisic — The Futurist Files: Avant-Garde, Politics and Ideology in Russia, 1905-1930, Northern Illinois University Press.

Dr Margaret Hutchison — Painting War: A History of Australia’s Official Art Scheme of the Great War, Cambridge University Press.

Associate Professor Kama Maclean — British India, White Australia: Overseas Indians, Intercolonial Relations and the Empire, UNSW Press.

Dr Susan Potter — Queer Timing: The Emergence of Lesbian Sexuality in Early Cinema, University of Illinois Press.

Dr Susan Russell —  “His great genius was to make landscapes”: The Roman Years of Herman van Swanevelt (c. 1603-1655), Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome.

Dr Stephen Whiteman — Constructing Kangxi: Landscape, Image, and Ideology in Early Modern China, University of Washington Press.

Dr Alix Beeston — In and Out of Sight: Modernist Writing and the Photographic Unseen

Dr Luke Keogh — The Plant Box

Dr Adelina Modesti — Women’s Patronage and Gendered Cultural Networks in Early Modern Europe: Vittoria della Rovere Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1622-1694)

Dr Jessica Priebe — François Boucher and the Luxury of Art in Paris, 1703-1770: Artist, Collector, and Connoisseur

Dr Lynne Swarts — Gender, Nation, and Orientalism in Early Zionist Art: the Female Images of E.M. Lilien

Dr Kevin Brianton ― Hollywood Divided: The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting and the Impact of the Blacklist

Dr Alexandra Dellios — Controversy, Containment and Control: A History of Resistance at Bonegilla Migrant Centre

Dr Julia Erhart — Gendering History on Screen: Women Filmmakers and Historical Films

Dr Elizabeth Hartrick — The Magic Lantern in Colonial Australia and New Zealand

Dr Paul Irish — Hidden in Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney

Dr Yasuko Kobayashi — Desire Bound: Identity of a Malay Minority in Singapore

Dr Diana Kostyrko —  Journal of a Transatlantic Art Dealer, Rene Gimpel 1918-1939: Text in Context

Dr Anna Rosenbaum — From the Centre to the Edge: Czechoslovak – Australian Relations 1920-1945 and Jewish Refugees

Dr Anna Scheer  Christoph Schlingensief: Staging Chaos, Performing Politics and Theatrical Phantasmagorias

Dr Robert Skelly — Hiri Voyage: Archaeology of Long-Distance Maritime Trade Along the South Coast of Papua New Guinea

Dr Jeannine Baker― Australian Women War Reporters: Boer War to Vietnam

Dr Catherine Bishop― Minding Her Own Business: Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney

Dr Liz Conor ― Skin Deep: Settler Impressions of Aboriginal Women

Dr Victoria Duckett Seeing Sarah Bernhardt: Performance and Silent Film

Dr Dorottya Fabian ― A Musicology of Performance: Theory and Method Based on Bach’s Solos for Violin

Dr Nicholas Fischer ― The Spider Web: The Birth of American Anti-Communism

Dr Claire Higgins ― Asylum by Boat  

Dr Jane-Heloise Nancarrow ―  The Roman Past in Anglo-Norman England

Dr Sheridan Palmer― Hegel’s Owl: The Biography of Bernard Smith

Dr Noah Riseman― Defending Australia, Defending Indigenous Rights: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Military Service since 1945

Dr Lara Stevens ― Anti-war Theatre after Brecht: Dialectical Aesthetics in the Twenty-First Century

Dr Robert Wellington ― The Visual Histories of Louis XIV: Artifacts for a Future Past

Professor Jaynie Anderson OSI FAHA ― The Multiple Legacies of Bernard Smith

Dr Simon Creak― Embodied Nation: Sport, Masculinity, and the Making of Modern Laos

Dr Lachlan Grant ― Australian Soldiers in Asia and the Pacific in WWII

Dr Julianna Grigg ― The Philosopher King and the Pictish Nation

Dr David Henderson ― Nazis in Our Midst? The Untold Story of the Internment of Germans in Australia during the Second World War

Dr Murray Johnson ― Van Diemen’s Land: An Aboriginal History

Professor Vincent Megaw FAHA ― Early Celtic art: a supplement

Dr Chris Owen Weather hot, flies troublesome…’: Police in the Kimberley District 1882-1901

Dr Morgan Richards Wild Visions: the BBC and the Rise of Wildlife Documentary

Professor Geraldine Barnes ―The Bookish Riddarasögur: Writing Romance in Late Medieval Iceland

Professor James Donald ―Black Stars, Jazz Modernisms: African-American Culture in Twentieth Century Europe

Dr Leah Gerber― Tracing a Tradition: The Translation of Australian Children’s Fiction into German from 1945 to Present

Dr Cameron Muir  The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History

Professor Mary Roberts FAHA ― Istanbul Exchanges: Ottomans, Orientalists and Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture

Dr Celeste Rodriquez Louro ― Perspectivas teoricas y experimantales sobre el espanol de la Argentina

Dr Matthew Stavros ― Kyoto: An Urban History of Japan’s Premodern Capital

Dr Michelle Antoinette ― Images that Quiver: The In/Visible Geographies of ‘Southeast Asian’ Contemporary Art

Dr Melissa Bellanta ― Larrikins: A History

Dr Andrea Bubenik ― Reframing Albrecht Dürer: The Appropriation of Art, 1528-1700

Dr Jessica Harriden ― The Authority of Influence: Women and Power in Burmese History

Dr Anna Hickey-Moody ― Youth, Arts and Education

Dr Helen Kilpatrick  ― Miyazawa Kenji’s Buddhist Nature: The Pictorialised Kenji

Associate Professor Nicole Moore  ― The Censor’s Library: A New History of Literary Censorship in Australia

Dr Ethan Blue ― Doing Time in the Depression

Professor Ann McGrath OAM FASSA FAHA ― Gurindji Journey

Dr Sebastiana Nervegna ― Menander in Antiquity: The Contexts of Reception

Dr Emily O’Gorman ― Flood Country: An Environmental History of the Murray-Darling Basin

Dr Kathleen Olive ― The Codex Rustici and the World of Fifteenth-Century Florence

Dr Robyn Veal ― Fuelling Pompeii

Dr Christine Winter ― Looking After One’s Own: The Rise of Nationalism and the Politics of the Neuendettelsauer Mission in Germany, New Guinea and Australia (1921-1933)

Dr Erin Brannigan ― Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image

Dr Thomas Burton ― William Barnes’s Dialect Poems: A Pronunciation Guide

Dr Scott Charlesworth ― Early Christian Gospels: Their Production and Transmission

Dr Melissa Gress ― Work’s Intimacy

Dr Heather Jackson FAHA ― Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates Vol.III: The Pottery

Dr Peggy James ― Cosmopolitan Conservationists: Greening Modern Sydney 1910-1960

Professor Margaret Kartomi AM FAHA ― Musical Journeys in Sumatra

Professor Kirsten McKenzie FAHA ― A Swindler’s Progress: Nobles and Convicts in the Age of Liberty

Professor Nerida Newbigin FAHA ― Acting on Faith: The Confraternity of the Gonfalone in Renaissance Rome

Dr Andrea Rizzi  ― The Historia Imperiale by Riccobaldo of Ferrara translated by Matteo Maria Bolardo

Dr Claire Roberts FAHA ― Correspondences: Friendship and the Crisis in 20th Century Chinese Art, Huang Binhing (1865-1955) and Fou Lei (1908-1966)

Professor Susan Sheridan FAHA ― Nine Lives

Professor Paul Carter ― Dark Writing

Dr David Nichols ― Community: Making Modern Australia

Dr Grace Karskens ― The Colony: A History of Early Sydney

Dr Cheah Hwei-Fe’n ― Phoenix Rising: Narratives in Nonya Beadwork from the Straits Settlements

Professor John Clark ― Modernities Compared: Chinese and Thai Art in the 1980s and 1990s

Reverend Barbara Allen ― Pigeon

Associate Professor Kenneth Stewart ― The Life of Marcus Clarke by Cyril Hopkins, edited from the manuscript by Laurie Hergenhan, Ken Stewart and Michael Wilding

Dr Mary Cunnane ―  The Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature

Dr Daniel AnlezarkThe Solomon and Saturn Dialogues in MSS CCCC 422 and 41: A Study and Critical Edition

Dr Diane Austin-BroosAfter the Invasion: Violence and Imagination in Indigenous Central Australia

Dr Clare CorbouldBecoming African Americans, 1919-1939

Dr Matt FishburnBook Burning: A Cultural History

Dr Stephen GregoryFrustrated Dialogue: Intellectuals and Leftwing Politics in Uruguay, 1958-2006

Dr Michele GrossmanEntangled Subjects: Australian Cross-Cultures of Talk, Text and Modernity

Dr Julie KalmanEvolutions in Hatred: Antisemitism in Early-Nineteenth Century France

Professor Richard MaltbyGoing to the Movies: Hollywood and the Social Experience of Cinema

Dr Jacob RamsayMandarins and Martyrs: The Church and the Nguyen Dynasty in Early Nineteenth-Century Vietnam

Dr Stuart RipleyA Social History of New South Wales Professional Sculling 1876-1927

Dr Geoff RobinsonWhen the Labor Party Dreams: Class, Politics and Policy in New South Wales 1930-32

Dr Brigid RooneyAustralian literary activisms: writer intellectuals and the public life of nation

Ms Roslyn RussellEver, Manning: Select correspondence of Manning Clark, 1938-1991.

Associate Professor Joanne Scott and Dr Ross LaurieIt’s Showtime: A history of the Brisbane Exhibition

Dr Craig StockingsThe Heirs of ANZAC

Professor Graham Tulloch FAHAAn Edition of Walter Scott’s The Siege of Malta and Bizarro

Dr Jennifer WebbThe Bronze Age Cemeteries at Deneia in Cyprus

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Academy of the Humanities recognises Australia’s First Nations Peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of this land, and their continuous connection to country, community and culture.