Michael Stocker

Dr Michael Stocker

  • Post Nominals: FAHA
  • Fellow Type: Deceased
  • Elected to the Academy: 1986


Michael Stocker is Marjorie Guttag Professor, Ethics and Political Philosophy and Emeritus Irwin at Syracuse University. He has led many revitalizing studies in moral psychology and his numerous articles in ethics and moral psychology deal with such topics as emotions, affectivity, pleasure, friendship and love. His writings include studies of classical and early modern moral theorists as well as critiques of contemporary ethical thinkers. In his book Plural and Conflicting Values (1990) he develops a moral theory that takes seriously our concrete experience of the demands of morality, including our experience of moral conflict. Valuing Emotions (1996) is a study of emotions from the perspective of ethics, moral psychology, and psychoanalysis.
In 1986 he was elected to membership in the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

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