Trevor Johnston

Professor Trevor Johnston

  • Post Nominals: FAHA
  • Fellow Type: Fellow
  • Elected to the Academy: 2010
  • Section(s): Linguistics


Trevor Johnston is Adjunct Professor of Sign Language Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University. He has researched Auslan (Australian Sign Language) since the early 1980s concentrating on lexicography, grammatical description, bilingual deaf education, and corpus linguistics both for research into sociolinguistic variation and for empirical language description.

He has authored several dictionaries of Auslan (in book, CD-ROM and internet formats) and papers describing the grammar of Auslan, signed language lexicography, sign bilingual education, sociolinguistic variation and signed language transcription.

Professor Johnston has presented and taught in academic and public domains in the field of sign linguistics, language policy, and professional development for teachers of Auslan. He has also conducted research in the area Auslan assessment, especially as a first language, in the evaluation of sign bilingual education programs, and on sociolinguistic variation in Auslan. He retired in 2015.

Acknowledgement of Country

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