A new look for an altered world

The world is rapidly changing, and the Australian Academy of the Humanities is meeting the new challenges we face, in new ways. The Academy’s original visual identity served us well for more than five decades, but as the world has changed, so must we.

Outback Australian desser

Supporting our strategy

Last year, we shared our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. In it, we recognised that striving for a humanised future is more critical than ever as we face a radically-altered world.

As we entered 2021, we embarked on a brand strategy project to help us achieve the goals in this plan and position the Academy, as well as the humanities, as a relevant and engaging part of Australia’s future.

The Academy’s new look reflects a modern, connected and forward-thinking organisation. The new design will increase recognition and positively shape the perception of the Academy for our wide-ranging stakeholder group.

“We are excited to be launching a bold, new, dynamic design which we feel better reflects who we are in 2021”, says Academy President, Professor Lesley Head.

The identity needed to appeal to wide-ranging audiences to support our Strategic Plan’s objective to: “Develop an ambitious public engagement strategy with the goal of reaching and influencing a wider range of stakeholders and the Australian community.”

“It was critical in imagining a new visual identity to recognise the organisation’s rich history at the same time as communicating its powerful role in Australia’s future,” says Christina Parolin, Executive Director.

With the assistance of communication agency Inkfield, the Academy’s Council and Secretariat decided on a visual identity that would help us hold our own beside Australia’s other Learned academies, as well as the cultural institutions and universities that we are proud to partner with.

Drawing on the past, present and future

The brand design plays on the Academy’s relationship with the past, present and future. While we retain our important tradition, the new look firmly establishes us as an organisation for the times.

“By ‘rewinding’ to the past and ‘pausing’ to reflect on the present, the Academy also understands how to ‘fast forward’ and shape our future. The logo reflects this through the use of core shapes, that can flex to show the brand’s movement through time”, said brand designer, Rebecca Cini.

Australian Academy of Humanity logo
The Academy’s new logo flex representing past, present and future

Capturing the Academy’s personality

The logo, colours, shapes and imagery chosen for the brand capture the Academy’s creativity, innovation and curiosity while still maintaining authority and excellence.

The result is a powerful and contemporary visual identity that feels uniquely Australian and can gain audience attention in an increasingly busy media landscape.

Academy presentation forlder
The brand in action in a formal presentation folder

An improved online experience

As part of the Academy rebrand project, a new, refreshed website has been created, using best-practice user-centred design techniques to improve audience experience and make our stories and work accessible to a wider audience.

Screenshots of Academy website
The brand in action across the website

How you can support us

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out the new look across our many touchpoints from social media and emails to publications and events (including our upcoming Symposium).

You can help us reach a wider audience by:

  • Following us on our LinkedIn page and reacting and sharing our posts. And, if you’re a Fellow, adding your role as a Fellow of the Academy to your experience (tip: when you add ‘company name’ make sure you select us from the drop down box)
  • Follow and engage with us on Twitter
  • Explore this new website and share it with your colleagues
  • If you’re not a Fellow, subscribe to our Newsletter for information about our events, Fellows, and grants and awards opportunities.

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Academy of the Humanities recognises Australia’s First Nations Peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of this land, and their continuous connection to country, community and culture.