SHAPE Futures EMCR Network

The Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia are pleased to announce that the Australian SHAPE Futures Network will officially launch in early 2022.

The purpose of the ‘SHAPE Futures Network’ is to ensure SHAPE disciplines (Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts for People and the Environment) thrive and excel in Australia, by fostering an inclusive and diverse community that supports, empowers and promotes early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) in Australia, within and beyond academia.

The Executive was formed in November 2021 and have been working towards launching the group for Australia-wide activities in early 2022. The network will draw its strength from the wide range of EMCRs in Australia.


Mission and Objectives

The Australian SHAPE Futures Network will bring together researchers from across the country, both within and beyond academia to build a promising future for the humanities, arts and social sciences. Its aim is that the vibrant humanities, arts and social sciences sector be appropriately recognised for its national importance.

The SHAPE Futures Network’s core objectives are to:

Provide a unified, representative, amplified voice for EMCRs through:

  • Active and passive methods of consultation across diverse sectors including via surveys, direct feedback, emails, representation, invited expert commentary;
  • Empowering EMCRs through the development of best practice, policy and guidelines;
  • Representation of EMCRs from the humanities and social sciences within the two Academies, academia and Australia through advocacy, submissions to institutional and government bodies and a public voice through social and traditional media.

Build diverse networks that are connected through activities such as:

  • Events, including a conference and state-based networking opportunities;
  • Newsletters and other forms of communication;
  • Linking scholars with organisations and industries outside these groups.

Provide opportunities to meet the specific needs of EMCRs such as:

  • The collation of resources, opportunities and advice;
  • Academy-led grants and awards celebrating EMCR successes;
  • Enabling professional growth through mentoring across a diverse range of topics and contexts and leadership opportunities for EMCRs.

SHAPE Futures Executive Committee

The inaugural Executive committee is comprised of academics from across Australia representing a wide cross-section of SHAPE disciplines.

Chairperson: Associate Professor Melissa Day
Deputy Chairpersons: Dr Sarah Midford and Dr Tristan Moss
Secretary: Dr Raihan Ismail
Membership Coordinator: Professor Muireann Irish
Media and Communication Coordinators: Dr Mary Dahm and Dr Michelle Tye
Professional Bodies Liason: Dr Georgia Stannard
Ordinary Executive Members: Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Dr Tully Barnett, Dr Elise Klein and Dr Yu Tao

To find out more, please visit the SHAPE Futures website.



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Acknowledgement of Country

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