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The Met Gala has become one of the most well-known fashion events of the year. Distinguished Professor Peter McNeil FAHA explores how the annual Met Gala has transformed the status of collecting and exhibiting clothing through linking power, money, status and glamour.

When Emeritus Professor Linda Barwick AM FAHA found an old song written down by a late family friend who served in WWII, she penned the melody as best she could remember some 42 years later. What came next was a deep exploration of the way memory and interpretation can entangle within our archives.

Australia’s oldest pottery find on Jiigurru (Lizard Island) on the Great Barrier Reef rewrites our understanding of Aboriginal maritime history and affirms the stories of Traditional Owners. Distinguished Professor Sean Ulm FAHA, Dingaal man Kenneth McLean and Dr Ariana Lambrides share the long-reaching impact of their co-designed research.

In 2016, Professor David McInnis FAHA FRHistS received the Max Crawford Medal, Australia’s most prestigious award for achievement and promise in the Humanities. Now a Fellow of the Academy, David reflects on the importance of the Medal, and his career since.

Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel, Dune, fictionalised the moral and environmental issues we’re grappling with sixty years later. Professor Bronwen Neil FAHA explores why Dune‘s dystopian vision of planetary death is resonating with so many people.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Academy of the Humanities recognises Australia’s First Nations Peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of this land, and their continuous connection to country, community and culture.